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904 W. Green Street Urbana, IL 61801

6/28 Event

The City of Urbana notified us today that we have permission to re-occupy our entire building. This means we can start moving our summer students back into the building right away – as soon as we clean and ready some new rooms for them in our West building. It was not impacted by last week’s events, but some parts of it haven’t been occupied by residents in a while due to the pandemic, so we’re doing a deep clean on all of the rooms. So starting sometime tomorrow, the residents will be able to start moving their belongings back over from Daniels Hall.

Power and water are up in the East building too, and other than in the kitchen addition, there is no structural damage, so we have full access to all but the kitchen area. Some final tests still need to be done to help in the last parts of the accident investigation, leaving us without hot water in the East building for a bit longer, so for now we will not have residents staying in this building.

Since power and AC have been fully restored, we’ve all been able to return to our offices, our phones are working again, and we’re starting the process of planning the kitchen repairs that will be needed, which we’ll start on as soon as we’re allowed to.