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Welcome Summer Students!   We are happy you are here!

Welcome to Hendrick House.  We are a privately owned Certified Housing Facility.  The Hendrick family has owned Hendrick House for over 75 years.  We care about our students and our community and are proud to offer you a safe and pleasant environment for your stay.



Feel free to email the office at office@hendrickhouse.com or visit the main office in the lobby during business hours if you have any concerns or requests.  We can also be reached by phone at (217)365-8000.

If you encounter a problem after hours, on-site RAs are available to help you with emergencies.  The RA on call can be reached after business hours at (217)369-1622.

If there is something in your room or a public area that needs to be fixed (a light bulb is out, or your dresser drawer will not open) submit a ticket using this link.



Meal hours are posted outside of the dining room. If your group has purchased a meal plan for you, you will be given a code to gain access to the dining room.  Food must be eaten in the dining room and not carried out of the area.  Soda and coffee are available throughout the day at no charge.  Please bring your own to-go cup if you plan on taking it with you. If you have any dietary needs (ALLERGY, RELIGIOUS RESTRICTIONS) email summer.kitchen@hendrickhouse.com



Parking IS AVAILABLE for $33 per week.  Our private parking is conveniently located on our property on the north side of our buildings.  Please register your car at the main office when you are checking in during business hours, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.



Your room has a desk, chair, twin XL bed, and personal closet.  Your room is either for one or two people.  You will share a bathroom with your roommate and the room next to you.  There may be 1 to 4 people using the two sinks, one toilet, and one shower.  Hendrick House will supply sheets, a blanket, 1 pillow, a pillowcase, towels, and a washcloth in your room.  On your posted laundry day, place your soiled linens and towels in a clear garbage bag and set it outside your door.  Our housekeeping staff will deliver clean towels and bedding to your room.  You are responsible for making your bed.  If you bring your own sheets and towels, please return the provided linens and towel service in a clear bag, and place it outside your door.

The Housekeeping Team will provide a weekly cleaning service for you.   Service includes two visits per week to remove your trash, vacuum, and clean the bathroom.  Please do your part by placing your garbage in your trash can and picking up items from the floors and flat surfaces so we are able to vacuum and dust.  We will not move your items or pick up garbage that is not in the trash receptacle. If you have a request for our housekeeping team please use this link.



There are washers and dryers available for use in the basement of each tower.  Machine usage is free, but you must provide your own detergent.



Before leaving at the end of your stay, please remove all personal items from the dressers, bathrooms, and desks.  Put all garbage into the provided garbage bag.  Please remove your bedding and towels and place them in a clear bag (provided).  When leaving, return your key fob and room key to the front office.  If the office is not open, leave your key and fob in the provided envelope and place it in the designated drop box.


Please help us keep this building safe for everyone by following these rules